As a husband and father raising seven children in the City of Leander, I am passionate about living in a city that is safe and fosters a strong sense of community for all people. 

Like many, I got involved in local politics after learning of a proposed development near my home. I attended City Council meetings and spoke with our Councilmembers and city staff and learned quickly that the voice of concerned citizens can make a difference. Eventually, I was appointed to our Planning and Zoning Commission, where I have been for nearly three years. I have helped to shape many of the City's governing documents including the Comprehensive Plan and updates to the Transportation Plan. I was also appointed to the recent Charter Review Committee and am a member of the Historical Commission.

I am proud of the responsible decision-making and honest leadership that I have demonstrated while serving for and with the citizens of our wonderful city. I look forward to continuing this on City Council.



Make streets safer and more welcoming for everyone

Space for everyone

Leander is an active community. On any given day you will see kids riding their bikes around their neighborhoods, runners out training, parents out pushing their children in strollers, and folks popping by the store for a coffee, or the week’s groceries. From the cyclist on Ronald Reagan, to a person with a disability attempting to navigate our city – everyone should be able to use our streets safely and easily.

refine plans

I will continue to refine our transportation plans and policies to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to access our city however they choose.

Build Leander as a destination

Make it beautiful

Our city has the potential to be a place where people come to visit, enjoy, and live. I will work to build upon our existing parks and other amenities so that Leander becomes known in Texas for the things that made many of us move here; beautiful open spaces, and a strong sense of community.

Create more amenities

Being a destination means having something for everyone. To that end I will explore Public-Private Partnerships that bring more entertainment and community amenities like the forthcoming recreation center. I will also help to refine and expand upon our network of parks and trails.

Drive local and small business development

Support Local, Support Small

It is imperative that we advocate for and incentivize local and small business to make Leander their home. Long term generational wealth is built by businesses invested in our city and its future. I will seek out and foster these kinds of entrepreneurs and businesses which create jobs and value for our community.

Simple, Resonable Regulation

Government should aim to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.  It shouldn't restrict growth or create regulations that make success harder to achieve. I will begin a dialog with business leaders to explore opportunities for improvement they have found in their interactions with the city.


Build on our position as a safe and welcoming place to live

Provide for Public Safety

Leander's Fire and Police department are some of the best in the State. LPD is Calea accredited and thoroughly connected to the community through outreach programs like National Night Out and the Citizens Police Academy. The Fire Department has continually refined and improved their service – so much so that Leander's insurance safety ranking is among the highest in the nation

Aim for the Top

Leander has led the Central Texas region in growth for the past few years. Our population has more than doubled in less than a decade. We have been ranked as one of the best cities in America to raise a family,  and one of the safest cities in Texas. There is no question that we are on the right path, but to maintain these levels of achievement we have to continue funding our Police and Fire Departments adequately and actively work to improve communication between our residents and our emergency services.

Open lines of Communication

I also intend to create a dialog between the various neighborhood associations, youth organizations, senior groups and others to make sure that we are providing for the needs of all citizens of Leander.

Make responsible spending decisions

Remember who's paying the bills

Every dollar that the city spends is a dollar it obtained from Leander property owners or patrons of Leander businesses. I take this very seriously and believe that each and every item on the city's budget should be thoughtfully considered.

Can we afford it?

When spending money the city must also consider the long-term ramifications of that action. Every road, water line, and sidewalk we build must be maintained in perpetuity. I will only advocate funding projects which we can afford now and – perhaps more importantly – in the future.

Remain Accountable

When we look at larger projects and partnerships designed to stimulate growth it is essential that we weigh the long-term return on investment these bring. You can be fully assured that before I vote to spend your money, I will ask one question: Can we justify to every tax payer in Leander that the money spent benefits them and the future of our city? And if I can't answer definitivley 'Yes', my vote will certainly be 'No'.

Simplify codes and ordinances

Remove Barriers to Entry

The bar to develop property can be made artificially high by ordinances that are overly complex and confusing. This means that the people that tend to develop under these rules are well funded and can absorb the costs of understanding and operating in the system. But those costs trickle down to consumers. Whether a home buyer, renter, or commercial customer they all feel the financial effects of this complicated process. And of course where commercial property costs are higher, the products and services that these companies sell are also inflated. Who ends up paying for all of this complexity? The residents of our city.

Protect our Citizens

The flip side of this is that when this language is too vague these same well-funded and often out-of-town development groups can take advantage of the very people who will live in and make Leander the wonderful place to live and raise a family that it currently is.

Simplify the Ordinances 

I will work to refine our developmental codes to both stimulate positive, responsible development and protect our residents.